3 Marathons in 3 Days (3M3D) 2018: Course Descriptions, Distances, Maps and Profiles

The course is mostly on trails and dirt roads. For details on each day, please follow the links provided below:

Marathon 1

  • Terrain: Bitumen, dirt roads, single tracks
  • 0km – 5.5km: Outside the Kuranda Information Visitor Centre on Coondoo Street in Kuranda – over the bridge at the railway station – right onto “Jungle Track” – left into Barron Falls Road (bitumen) – Wright’s Lookout.
  • 5.5km – 22km: McDonalds track (4.7km) (dirt road – right onto Douglas track (2.45km) (single track) – left onto Gandal Wandun track (1.5km) – left onto Smith’s Track – Stoney Creek crossing (1.5km) – Toby’s Lookout (1.6km) veer right – Stoney Creek crossing – the Yalbogie track (past the Kauris) (860m), at Cadagi Corner veer left (stay on the forestry track, don’t turn off into the bushes!) (2.7km) – Smith’s Track Checkpoint (END OF KAURI HALF MARATHON)
  • 22km – 28km: Right onto Smith’s Track (1.1km) – left into Djina-Wu Track (765m). When you come off the track onto the bitumen at Speewah Campground*, turn left and run up the steep hill. Right into Stoney Creek Road – left into Speewah Road– right onto Snake Gully bush track.
  • 28km – 33km: Snake Gully Track in Dinden National Park (single track).
  • 33km – 42.2km: Clohesy River Road Checkpoint. Right – Clohesy River Road (dirt road) – right – Cedar Park Road –  Cedar Park Rainforest Resort. End of Marathon 1.

* If you want to use the toilets at Speewah Campground you will need to go off the course to do so. This is also the finish location for competitors doing the Kauri Half Marathon.

Kauri Half Marathon Course kauri-half-marathon-course-2

kauri-half-marathon-course-3 kauri-half-marathon-course-4











Marathon 2

  • Terrain: Dirt roads
  • 0km – 7 km: Cedar Park Rainforest Resort – Cedar Park Road – left – Clohesy River Road – right – Viviers Track
  • 7km – 13km: Viviers Track – Bridle Creek Road Checkpoint
  • 13km – 27km: Bridle Creek Road – right – turn left at course marker – follow service road – left – join back onto Bridle Creek Road – gate – gate – Clohesy River Road Checkpoint
  • 27km – 42.2km: Left – Clohesy River Road – right – Cedar Park Road – Cedar Park Rainforest Resort. End of Marathon 2.

Marathon 2 Course Marathon 2 Elevation and Distance

Marathon 3, The Cairns Marathon, Lake Morris Race

  • Terrain: ½ dirt road; ½ bitumen
  • 0 – 12km: Cedar Park Rainforest Resort – Cedar Park Road – right onto Clohesy River Road to turn around close to highway –  Clohesy River Road – Fig Tree loop
  • 12km – 25km: Fig Tree – Clohesy River Road – gate – Copperlode Dam Checkpoint
    25km – 39km: Lake Morris Road (Bitumen) 5km climb before a long descend down to Checkpoint at base of Lake Morris Road (START OF LAKE MORRIS RACE)
  • 39km – 42.2km: (Bitumen) Lake Morris Road – left – cross road onto bitumen footpath alongside Reservoir Road. Follow footpath and cross over the service road, run past the Mobile Service Station. Left turn into Christies Drive. Cross over View Street. Follow Shale Street down to Goomboora Park. Right turn into Goomboora Park. Follow footpath to the finish.

Cairns Marathon 2016 Map