3 Marathons in 3 Days (3M3D) 2018: Left Luggage

Competitor gear will be taken to Cedar Park Rainforest Resort (or Speewah Campground for the Kauri Half competitors) after registration on the Friday. Competitor gear will be taken to the finish at Goomboora Park on the last day. Secure any valuables as the event organiser takes no responsibility for theft or loss of property. The area where the bags are kept at the finish line is not secure.

A reminder of the information provided for drop bags at checkpoints:

  • ONLY include non-perishable items.
  • ONLY include as many energy bars/drinks as you can physically use at the checkpoint – or intend on taking with you.
  • DO NOT put valuable items such as shoes, socks or race belts in the drop boxes.
  • No glass bottles please.
  • Containers must be sealed (i.e. will not leak if laid down) and must be no more than 30cm in height

You will not be able to get gear back from the drop boxes until the next morning or at about 3pm on the last day. Checkpoint marshals do not report back to the finish line at the end of Marathons 1 and 2.