3 Marathons in 3 Days (3M3D) 2019: Volunteers and Support Crews

  • Volunteers

  • We rely on our volunteers to help us make this event a memorable and enjoyable experience for our competitors. If you or someone you know can help out, please contact us on .
  • Anyone can help out, including competitors (before/after the event), supporters and club members.
  • Shopping and other jobs prior to race day.
  • Pick up and/or transport of the port-a-loos.
  • Set up/pull down. Course markers are normally put up in the week leading into the event. A great opportunity to go over the course prior to race day.
  • Start line manager and finish line manager. This person will oversee the helpers at the start/finish line.
  • Registration, timekeeping and recording at the start and finish. These are simple tasks requiring you to hand out race bibs, check mandatory gear or click some buttons on the stopwatch and scanner.
  • Checkpoint marshal. A great job where you set up a food/drinks table and wait for the runners to come past. Tick off everyone to ensure we’ve not lost anyone!
  • Race Sweeps. This is a great opportunity to use the race as a training run over the course. You will collect signs along the way.
  • Most runners openly (or secretly) love to see action photos of themselves on race day. Fancy yourself as a photographer? Please let us know.

Volunteers are provided with fluorescent safety vests.

Support crews

Support crews are not required, nor necessary. Your family and friends will be better off helping at a checkpoint, as a marshal or at the finish line for the day. If you do choose to have a support crew, they are permitted to assist runners anywhere along the course where vehicle access is available. Read the Support Crew Information 3M3D.