Kauri Half Marathon 2018: Course Descriptions, Distances, Maps and Profiles

The course is mostly on trails and dirt roads. For details, please follow the links provided below:

Kauri Half Marathon (First 23km of Marathon 1 of the 3M3D Race)

  • Terrain: Bitumen, dirt roads, single tracks
  • 0km – 5.5km: Outside the Kuranda Information Visitor Centre on Coondoo Street in Kuranda – over the bridge at the railway station – right onto “Jungle Track” (dirt track) – left into Barron Falls Road (bitumen) – Wright’s Lookout
  • 5.5km – 22km: McDonalds track (4.7km) (dirt road – right onto Douglas track (2.45km) (single track) – left onto Gandal Wandun track (1.5km) – left onto Smith’s Track – Stoney Creek crossing (1.5km) – Toby’s Lookout (1.6km) veer right – Stoney Creek crossing – the Yalbogie track (past the Kauris) (860m), at Cadagi Corner veer left (stay on the forestry track, don’t turn off into the bushes!) (2.7km) – Smith’s Track Checkpoint
  • 22km – 23km: Right onto Smith’s Track (1.1km) – left into Djina-Wu Track (765m). When you come off the track onto the bitumen at Speewah Campground you are done.

Kauri Half Marathon Course kauri-half-marathon-course-2

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