About 3 Marathons In 3 Days

Race Founder, Larry Lawson, claims that this ultra-marathon came about ‘by accident’, as there was a “Run A Marathon in Three Days” event on the race calendar in Cairns in 2012, but Larry said “I’ll do Three Marathons in Three Days”, and soon he had enlisted other runners to join him. It is a popular event for those clocking up their marathons, and ultra-runners who want to try a multi-day event.


Kuranda to Cedar Park (Koah area) to Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.


13-15 July 2018, then 12-14 July 2019. The inaugural race was held in 2012*.


The Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days event has many entry options, all run over the same course, but varying in distance and days:
GRAND SLAM 3M3D (126.6km), 13-15 July 2018. In its seventh year. A marathon is run each day over three consecutive days. Competitors can opt to compete in only one or two of the marathons, but the ‘Grand Slam’ medal goes only to those who complete all three marathons. NOTE: Entry fee for Marathon 1 and or Marathon 2 is the same as for the Grand Slam event.

• NEW OPTION! Marathon 1 only, 13 July 2018. This is the same couse as Marathon 1 of the Grand Slam 3M3D.

• NEW OPTION! Marathon 2 only, 14 July 2018. This is the same couse as Marathon 2 of the Grand Slam 3M3D.

• NEW OPTION! Marathon 1 and 2 only, 13-14 July 2018. This is the same couses as Marathon 1 and Marathon 2 of the Grand Slam 3M3D.

Cairns Marathon (42.2km), 15 July 2018. In its seventh year, the Cairns Marathon is the same course as Marathon 3 of the 3M3D event.

Kauri Half Marathon (21.1km), 13 July 2018. In its fourth year, this race is the same course as the first half of Marathon 1.

• NEW! Lake Morris (16km), 15 July 2018. This is the last 16km of the Cairns Marathon course. – Details to follow in 2018.

Pre-Race Get Togethers

Buffet Dinner – Thursday, 12 July 2018, 6.30-9.30pm – view maps and chat to the race directors. But best of all, you can win a three-night’s accommodation package from Cairns Colonial Club Resort. There is a short talk about Quolls.

Post-Race Get Together

Presentation and After party at Cairns Colonial Club Resort. Sunday, 15 July 2018, 4pm to late.


TBC: Cairns Colonial Club Resort is offering a special package for competitors and their families.


The bus departs from the Cairns Colonial Club Resort. You can book a seat on the bus.

Race Records

Male:  Om Beacom-Halliday (2016) 10:50:10

Female: Maggie Jones (2015) 12:37:38.

The slower runners take up to 23 hours (8 hours for Marathons 1 and 2 and 7 hours for Marathon 3).

* The race organiser since 2014 is Dynamic Running Ltd. Race organiser in 2012 and 2013 was Cairns Road Runners and Triathlon Club Inc.