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3M3D Update #1

Date Fri, 7 June 2024, 14:41

Good day 3M3D competitors, including those doing individual marathons over the weekend.

Our 30 volunteers are included in this email too. Thanks for helping out.
At this stage we are still waiting for our Letter of No Objection from Cairns Regional Council. Once we have approval for our proposed Cairns Marathon / Marathon 3 course on 30 June, we will update you.

Most of the race information is current. There may be changes for the Cairns Marathon / Marathon 3. You will receive email updates over the next couple of weeks with more detailed information and reminders. The race briefing videos are still in production.

Visit our Facebook page. We post most of what you need to know there.

There are changes to the event this year, including the following:

  • Registrations close 11.59pm, Sunday, 23 June 2024.
  • Carrying compressions bandages are mandatory on all three days.
  • Carrying 2 litres of water is mandatory on all three days. Due to course changes, there are extended sections where there will be no tap or creek water available.
  • Marathon 2 and the Cairns Marathon / Marathon 3 will be run over alternative routes this year.
  • Fig Tree Half Marathon, Fig Tree 10km and Lake Morris Road races have been discontinued due to low competitor numbers.

3M3D Update #2

Date Fri, 14 June 2024, 21:12

Welcome to our 13th 3M3D, held on 28-30 June this year. Add the Race Director’s phone number to your contacts and give it to your emergency contact: Lorraine Lawson 0417 798 444.

This is the second update with a few bits and pieces. You can access the Race Information, Course Descriptions and the Bus List on our website. Note that the course for Marathons 3 / Cairns Marathon is yet to be confirmed.

 If you’re unable to race, please let us know. Unfortunately, no refunds or transfers are available this close to the race day.

For this event you need to take responsibility for your own safety. You need to know what is going on. DO NOT turn up saying – ‘I wonder where we are going today’ or ‘Hills??!! No one told me there were hills in this race’ or my best favourite: ‘Bus? What bus? I was just going to take an Uber to the start’.

Bring the correct compression bandages: 1 x AeroForm Snake bandage (10cmx10.5m) or 2 x Elastoplast heavy crepe bandages (10cmx2.3m) or 2 x Handy’s heavy crepe bandages (10cmx2.3m). You also need a hydration system to carry at least 2L of water. You will miss out on your race if you can’t produce these items at the start line and at the checkpoints – when requested.


Familiarise yourself with the route, course descriptions and safety precautions. Arrive prepared to avoid any surprises in terms of race conditions or logistics.

TOP TIPS for our out-of-town visitors
1.    Wright’s Lookout – the start on Friday, is 30km from Cairns, approximately a 45-minute drive. Clohesy River Road – the start / finish on Saturday, is 40km from Cairns. There’s no public transport, taxis, or Ubers available. Book a seat on the bus. Go to your Race Space Dashboard, find the race, and click on ‘Entry Actions,’ then ‘Add Extras.’
2.    Each day involves challenging terrains including hills and overgrown single tracks. Don’t gauge your run time by distance alone. Snake Gully (5km) on Friday and Vivier’s Track (6km) on Saturday will take longer than expected. Be prepared for potential obstacles such as fallen trees, snakes and orb spiders.

If you’ve not done so already, visit our website and read these documents:
•    2024 3M3D Competitor Information Pack*
•    2024 Race Rules
•    Running Safely on the trails in FNQ
•    Checkpoints and Estimated Running Times
•    Support crew information

*We’ve updated the Competitor Information Pack and course descriptions with the correct finish locations for each day:
•    Friday, 28 June: Crystal Cascades, Redlynch Valley Intake Road
•    Saturday, 29 June: Corner of Clohesy River Road and Cedar Park Road, Koah
•    Sunday, 30 June: Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill (TBC)

If your name is on the list, you are on the bus. If your name is not on the list, good luck finding your way to the start and back home. Book a seat on the bus. Go to your Race Space Dashboard, find the race, and click on ‘Entry Actions,’ then ‘Add Extras.’
If you booked a seat on the bus, we’ll pick you up in the morning and drop you back to your car or into town after each race. There may be a delay in this, so put some warm clothes and a snack in your bag to go to the finish line each day.


These are still available. Go to your Race Space Dashboard, find the race, and click on ‘Entry Actions,’ then ‘Add Extras.’


More tips and reminders.

We’ll check in who our early starters are. You can leave earlier, but you’ll need a head torch as it only gets light at 6.30am.

Watch the race briefings for the 3M3D Grand Slam and the Cairns Marathon.

We’ll update you re Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon course as soon as we have our Letter of No Objection.

That’s it for now. We’re looking forward to a great race weekend. Prepare well and we’ll see you ready to go on Friday, June 28.

3M3D – a few photos

Track Conditions, Road Works, and Powerline Maintenance

Each day of the 3M3D this year brings its own challenges. The flooding in our region in December 2023 is still having a major impact on our infrastructure.

Study the course descriptions and maps for kilometre markers and warnings.

Current Conditions

Kuranda Range

For those travelling from Cairns to the start of Marathon 1 and Marathon 2 be warned that there are major road works along the Kuranda Range (Kennedy Highway). The road is open with single lane sections in place, resulting in longer than normal travel times.

You could join the private Kuranda Range Updates Facebook group for the most up to date road conditions for the Kuranda Range. They post reports on incidents, accidents & hazards. Coverage is Smithfield Roundabout to Koah, with major incidents coverage from Mareeba to Caravonica. 

Marathon 1 – 28 June 2024

After climbing over the Waterboard gate leading into Copperlode Dam, you may encounter Ergon Energy crews working along this section of the road. Be vigilant for heavy machinery and follow all instructions from traffic controllers and road workers.

Please note: There are no water or toilet facilities at Copperlode Dam.

Marathon 2 – 29 June 2024

Bridle Creek Road

Be aware of a washout along Bridle Creek Road, scheduled for repair the week before the event. Heavy machinery may still be in the area. Additionally, rangers are conducted controlled burns along Bridle Creek Road since 17 June. This will be completed before the event. However, there may be burning off at Bare Hill closer to race weekend, so be prepared for possible smoke in the area.

Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon – 30 June 2024

The route is confirmed.

Please note: There are no water or toilet facilities at Copperlode Dam.

Lake Morris Road is closed to vehicles, but expect local traffic and possibly ERGON maintenance machinery. You may also encounter cyclists, children on scooters, and walkers with dogs.

The road is open from the ‘Lake Morris Road Lookout’ (where you climb over the gate and where the port-a-loo is located). Warning: You will be sharing the road with vehicle traffic for 2km before reaching the checkpoint. Stay alert and cautious for cars.

Update: Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon

Note that Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon route has been confirmed.

Race Briefing Video

Apologies for the poor sound and visuals. I’m a bit limited with technology at the moment. No power so did the race briefing using PowerPoint. No editing, so kept the whole thing in one video. Use these time stamps to access various part of the recording:

0-11 min – General information applicable to everyone

11-15 min – Marathon 1

15-19 min – Marathon 2

19-27 min – Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon

3M3D Update #3

Date Mon, 24 June 2024, 06:49

Good morning, 3M3D competitors and volunteers.

Thank you for your entry. We appreciate your support of the event. 

This is the third update. We’ve already sent you links to various documents you need to read through, and we’ve sorted the busses. This update highlights some important information. Get yourself a cuppa and take some time to check over it carefully. If you still have any unanswered questions, send us an email.

If you’re unable to attend the event, please let us know. Unfortunately, no refunds or transfers are available this close to the race day.

If you’ve missed any of the updates, you can access it on our 3M3D website.

Here are a few additional things you need to know, or action:


The Marathon 3 / Cairns Marathon course is confirmed, and we have our Letter of No Objection.

Take time to study the course maps and know the routes.

Course markings along Snake Gully and the entry into Vivier’s Track are in place. We are marking Barron Gorge today and tomorrow. Be aware that signs can and do disappear. Mobile reception is limited. Don’t rely on your phone to access the courses. Download the maps and descriptions for use offline during the event. As per the mandatory gear for the event, we will give you a printed copy of the course description and maps on each day. You must carry this with you.


Check the bus list. If your name is not on the list, you are not on the bus. We have a few seats spare on the busses. You need to contact us if you need a seat on the bus. If your name is not on the list, you are not on the bus.

There is NO parking at the start line for Marathon 1. Drop-and-Go. For Marathon 2 please carpool where possible and don’t obstruct local driveways. If you have a spot in your car, and can help transport runners home, please help out so we can get our out-of-town visitors back to Cairns as soon as possible on Friday and Saturday. If you manage to get a lift, please tell the finish line manager, so we are not looking for people at the end of each day.


Watch the race briefing for details on Track Conditions, Road Works, and Powerline Maintenance.


First light is at 6.30am. If you leave any earlier, you will be in pitch-black darkness. We have no twilight in Cairns. Early starters will need a head torch. You can go as soon as your gear has been checked each morning.


Bibs are printed and on route to us. You can check your bib number on our Facebook page.

Good luck to Matthew Neal, Kalyra Thompson and Andrew Kinbacher who are aiming for their 5th 3M3D and permanent bib numbers this year. A special welcome back to Peter Watson (Bib #5), Stephen Lewis (Bib #8) and Derek Mcdonagh (Bib #6) who are joining us again this year. Unfortunately, due to the issues with logistics this year, I have to forfeit my own race and my intention is to do my 13th 3M3D virtually next week.


There are no drop boxes at checkpoints. You need to be self-sufficient for this event and carry what you need yourself. We will have a few snacks, water and Tailwind at the checkpoints, but this is not enough to sustain you during this event. The purpose of the checkpoints are for our volunteers to check times competitors go into and exit remote sections.


It’s been wet and raining in the Cairns region for months. Everything is overgrown, so it’s not easy to spot snakes. You must carry your snake bandages each day and know how to apply them. There are also some nasty plants in the bush. Don’t touch anything – it will sting! Read ‘Running Safely on the trails in FNQ’.


It’s going to be a hot weekend. Temperatures are predicted to range from 19 – 28 degrees Celsius each day.

Check the weather at Mareeba & Cairns on BOM.


It is mandatory each day to have the capacity to carry 2L of water. 2 x 600mL handheld bottles do not add up to 2L. Ensure you have the correct gear on race day.

Ensure you carry and drink enough water. It’s going to be hot. Have a protocol for replacing your electrolytes each day. This year, there are extended sections on the race where you will not be able to access tap water or creek water. You must fill up your water each time you get the opportunity. It is mandatory to have at least 2 litres of water when you leave the following checkpoints: Marathon 1 – Clohesy River Road Checkpoint. Marathon 3 – Crystal Cascades Checkpoint. 


Join us for dinner at 6.00pm on Thursday, 27 June. Dunwoody’s Tavern, 317 Sheridan Street, Cairns North. We have a table booked on the deck (Beer Garden). You can get a rump steak, chips, salad and sauce for $20, or you can book something else from their menu. You can also get $10 off your first order, using The Pass app (App Store or Play Store)

The Presentations and After Party starts at 6.00pm, Sunday, 30 June 2024 at Edge Hill Bowls Club, 181 Woodward Street, Edge Hill. We hope you can make it to congratulate our winners and say goodbye.

Visitors from out of town, let us know if you need a lift to either venue, we’ll come and pick you up and drop you home.

That’s it. Enjoy your next few days and we’ll see you in a few days.

Lorraine Lawson
Dynamic Running Ltd.
M: 0417 798 444
Dynamic Running Facebook page
Dynamic Running website  
ABN: 87 168 890 033

3M3D Update #4 

28 June 2024, 20:05

Good evening, 3M3D competitors and volunteers.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that make this event possible.

Congratulations to all our competitors today. 30 starter, 30 finishers. No snakes or cassowaries reported.

The female race was always going to be a good one this year. Five of the top 10 runners today were female. With only a 20-odd minute gap separating positions 2-5 in the ladies, the race is on.

For Marathon 2:
DO NOT PARK CLOSE TO THE START LINE – that space is reserved for our hard-working volunteers.

Everyone will get a NEW bib tomorrow. Here are the bib #s:

5    Peter    Watson    M    50-59
11    stephen    lewis    M    60-69
16    Derek    Mcdonagh    M    50-59
22    Kalyra    Thompson    F    30-39
23    Andrew    Kinbacher    M    50-59
24    Matthew    Neal    M    40-49
26    Morgan    Sheehy    M    40-49
27    Andrew    Smith    M    50-59
28    Jos    Middleton    F    40-49
29    Peta    Travers-Jones    F    18-29
32    Margie    Shearer    F    60-69
33    marsha    sparke    F    50-59
34    Sarah    Hession    F    40-49
35    ryan    simpson    M    18-29
36    Jo    Treasure    F    18-29
38    Suzanne    Weatherhead    F    40-49
39    Alan    Weatherhead    M    50-59
40    Michael    Cahayag    M    40-49
41    Rebecca    Dale    F    30-39
42    Salome    Duff    F    30-39
43    Suzanne    Rath    F    40-49
44    Chris    Bromell    M    40-49
45    Adrian    Conroy    M    40-49
46    Rebecca    Elliott    F    40-49
47    Craig    Armstrong    M    40-49
48    Akane    Goode    F    40-49
49    Brad    Miller    M    40-49
55    Kevin    Durose    M    40-49

Marathon 2 only
51    Madeleine    Philip    F    40-49
52    Stephanie    Adams    F    30-39
53    Stephanie    Todd    F    30-39
56    Joe    Buck    M    30-39

Fig Tree Half Marathon
50    Mitchell    Tap    M    18-29

Early starters – you need a headlamp.
11    stephen    lewis
24    Matthew    Neal
33    marsha    sparke
40    Michael    Cahayag

Bus list:
5.00am Minivan. Pick up location: Cairns Colonial Club.
5.15am Minivan. Pick up location: Cairns City Bus Station, Platform #2, 131 Lake St, Cairns City
5.30am Minivan. Pick up location: Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, base of Kuranda Range, opposite Smithfield Shopping Centre. (30min trip to start)
1.    Michael Cahayag Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am
2.    Rebecca Dale Minivan, pick up Cairns Colonial Club 5.00am
3.    Kevin Durose Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am
4.    Andrew Kinbacher Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am
5.    stephen lewis Minivan, pickup, 5.15am, 131 Lake St, Cairns City
6.    Derek Mcdonagh Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am
7.    marsha sparke Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am
8.    Margie Shearer 17 Hudson Street, 4.45am
9.    Peter Watson Minivan, pickup, 5.15am, 131 Lake St, Cairns City
10.    Alan Weatherhead Minivan, pickup, 5.15am, 131 Lake St, Cairns City
11.    Suzanne Weatherhead Minivan, pickup, 5.15am, 131 Lake St, Cairns City
12.    Andrew Smith Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, 5.30am

Bib #s for Sunday:
All 3M3D Grand Slam competitors will get a new number for M3. You’ll collect that at the finish line tomorrow. It is based on your cumulative time for M1+M2. Fastest runner gets bib #1.

See you all tomorrow.

Lorraine Lawson
Dynamic Running Ltd.
M: 0417 798 444
Dynamic Running Facebook page
Dynamic Running website
ABN: 87 168 890 033