Free Webinars for 1/2 Marathon, Marathon and Ultra runners

I will start a set of webinars next week – each 3rd Monday of the month at 8.00pm. I was going to do them weekly, but I think once a month will be enough for us to get through all the topics the squads will need in preparation for the events in July. Lorraine

Webinar #1, 16 Feb: Training principles; Rest & recovery.
Webinar #2, 16 March: Time Trials; Energy systems,
Webinar #3, 20 April: Pacing & Effort; Long slow distance,
Webinar #4, 18 May: Tempo Running; Race preparation,
Webinar #5, 15 June:  Support & Mental toughness; Race knowledge; Race day,
Webinar #6, 20 July: What’s next?


Lorraine Lawson