Early starters tomorrow

Early starters for Cairns Marathon – 3M3D competitors
Andrew Buchan
David Elms
Peter English
Nik Jones
Dennis Jordan
Lorraine Lawson
Debra Moll
Colleen Newnham
Peter Watson
Pamela Williams
Seranica Williamson

Early starters for Cairns Marathon – 1&1/2 competitors

Nadia Mead
Rhonda Zeylmans

Early starters for Cairns Marathon

65 Fiona Harper
76 Sue Hoppe
93 Jill Lawler
72 Matthew Neal
84 Colin Stiff
85 Susan Stiff
71 Darrelle Taylor
86 Karin traeger
69 Sharon Waller

Accommodation option

Anyone still looking for accommodation this weekend? Stephen has had to cancel. See email below. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll put you in contact with him. My mobile is 0417 798 444 or email

Hi Lorraine
The room I have booked at the resort is non-refundable so if someone would like to make use of it from 9-12 July that will be fine. It is booked under my name and can be changed to anyone else.

Stephen Lewis

Tailwind Nutrition


A big thank you to Gavin Markey from Tailwind Nutrition Australia who has provided us with some spot prizes for this year’s event. There are 2 sample packs (10 of each flavour); 4 large bags and 2 medium bags, making a total of eight prizes.