If your name is not on the list below, you are not on the bus.

Book and pay for your seat(s) via RaceSpace. Go to your Race Space Dashboard, find the race, and click on ‘Entry Actions,’ then ‘Add Extras.’

Cutoff: 11.59pm, Sunday 23 June.

BUS: Friday, 28 June

1. Sonya Alba-Miller

2. Chris Bromell

3. Michael Cahayag

4. Adrian Conroy

5. Rebecca Dale

6. Salome Duff

7. Rebecca Elliott

8. Daniel Hannaford

9. Sarah Hession

10. Andrew Kinbacher

11. Andrew Larkins

12. stephen lewis

13. Alessandro Mammo Zagarella

14. Asclepiades Massa Caldeira

15. Jos Middleton

16. Matthew Neal

17. Suzanne Rath

18. Margie Shearer

19. Andrew Smith

20. Sean Smith

21. marsha sparke (TBC)

22. Peta Travers-Jones

23. Jo Treasure

24. Peter Watson

25. Alan Weatherhead

26. Suzanne Weatherhead

27. Seranica Williamson

BUS: Saturday, 29 June

1. Michael Cahayag

2. Rebecca Dale

3. Daniel Hannaford

4. Andrew Kinbacher

5. stephen lewis

6. marsha sparke (TBC)

7. Margie Shearer

8. Peter Watson

9. Alan Weatherhead

10. Suzanne Weatherhead

BUS: Sunday, 30 June

1. Chris Bromell

2. Michael Cahayag

3. Adrian Conroy

4. Rebecca Dale

5. Salome Duff

6. Amanda Hales

7. Daniel Hannaford

8. Sarah Hession

9. Andrew Kinbacher

10. stephen lewis

11. Asclepiades Massa Caldeira

12. Jos Middleton

13. Matthew Neal

14. Liz O’Connor

15. Jevan Raghoobar

16. Suzanne Rath

17. Margie Shearer

18. Andrew Smith

19. Sean Smith

20. marsha sparke (TBC)

21. Peta Travers-Jones

22. Jo Treasure

23. Chrissy Warman

24. Peter Watson

25. Alan Weatherhead

26. Suzanne Weatherhead

27. Seranica Williamson

Book a seat on the bus

Organising transport for this event is a complex task.

Competitors mush check the email sent out early this morning and send a reply so we can update the bus list.

Book and pay for your seat via RaceSpace. Go to your Race Space Dashboard, find the race, and click on ‘Entry Actions,’ then ‘Add Extras.’

Bus schedule and pick-up locations

Friday, 28 June 2024

Departs at: 5:30 AM

Pick-Up Location: Redlynch Shopping Centre, across the road from McDonald’s.

Destination: Wright’s Lookout, Kuranda.

Note: VERY LIMITED parking available. Drop-and-go only. No spectators at the start line.

Saturday, 29 June 2024


Departs at: 5:30 AM

Pick-Up Location: Kennedy Highway Bus Stop at Canopy’s Edge Boulevard, base of Kuranda Range opposite Smithfield Shopping Centre.

Destination: Corner Clohesy River Road / Cedar Park Road.

Note to those diving there on their own: VERY LIMITED parking and VERY NARROW road. Do not block driveways. Find a safe place to park that leaves enough space for vehicles to get past. Carpool if driving.

Sunday, 30 June 2024


Departs at: 5:50 AM

Pick-Up Location: Greenslopes Street, opposite the Rondo Theatre (by the new Chinese Friendship Gardens).

Destination: Skate Park, Kamerunga Road.

Update on our 2024 3M3D

At this stage we are still waiting for our Letter of No Objection from Cairns Regional Council. Once we have approval for our proposed Cairns Marathon / Marathon 3 course on 30 June, we will update you.

You can read through the race information for details on the event. Competitors will receive email updates over the next couple of weeks with more detailed information and reminders.

You can also visit our Facebook page, as we post most of what you need to know on there.

2024 3M3D course changes

Due to the flooding in the wake of cyclone Jasper in December 2023, some roads in our region are still under repair. For 2024 we cannot utilise the road leading into Copperlode Dam from the Tablelands due to landslides, washouts and trees over the road. It is impassable, even for foot traffic.

All three courses for the 3M3D will change this year. We will update you on those once we have more detail and have received approval from the relevant councils.