Entries open soon for our 2023 3M3D!

Get your entry in early for the 2023 event to take advantage of the best entry fees available for the race. Entries will open in the next few days, so keep your eyes open for the message on our Facebook page as the BLITZ prices don’t hang about for long.

YES! The 3M3D is still going ahead

You can register and join us if you’ve missed out on Gold Coast Marathon. We’re happy to have you – IF you can get here. Entries close Thursday 8th of July. We’ll update you if need be and things change.


9-11 July – 3 Marathons in 3 Days Grand Slam

10 July – Fig Tree Half Marathon or 10km

11 July – Cairns Marathon or 17km Lake Morris Road Race

Sad to see our numbers dropping by the day because of travel restrictions and quarantine requirements. For those who have registered already, you have three options:

(1) Change and do your race virtual. You are already fit, now you just need to pull out the stops and do it on your own.

(2) Defer to 2022.

(3) Request a refund.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing those who can make their way here.

Join us for the 10th 3M3D

It’s time to shake out your piggy bank and get ready to register for the next 3M3D. Look out for our BLITZ registrations – it’s only valid for a week, but it’s the best race fees available.

Virtual 3M3D for 2020

Good luck to all our entrants in our 2020 Virtual Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days events. We have 19 competitors doing the 3M3D Grand Slam and another 17 tackling the Cairns Marathon. If you are keen to participate in the 9th 3M3D, you can do so until the end of this year. Register here: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=34550

New half marathon for 3M3D weekend

As promised there are going to be some changes for our 2020 3M3D. We are going to change the course for the marathons on the Friday and Saturday, so that means that the Kauri Half Marathon is no more. But in it’s place we are adding in the Fig Tree Half Marathon on the Saturday. More updates will follow once we have had our meeting with Cairns Regional Council in mid-January.

Website update

We are in the process of updating the website for the 2020 event. Only the Home and Registration pages are currently up to date. There are some changes coming.

Your bib number for tomorrow

1 Anthony Ralph
2 David Von Senden
3 Derek Mcdonagh
4 Alena Scurrah
6 Shane D’Alcorn
7 Jeff Herbert
8 Dave Burgis
9 Mariam Meite
10 Sam Heames
11 Andrew Kinbacher
12 Jenni Jefferis
13 Stewart Hicks
14 Morgan Sheehy
15 Ross McLeod
16 David Burgis
17 Donna Baker
18 Marjorie Hendry
19 Luke Noyes
20 Michael Dale
21 Annie Schofield
22 Ken Brown
23 Paul Brenton
24 Chrissy Warman
26 Shane Court
27 Mark Dowel
28 Bernie Norris
29 Joshua Bailey
30 Anja Ahale
31 Robert Centonza
32 Michael Soutter
33 Steve Doughty
34 Lorraine Lawson
35 Pauline Overington
36 Samuel Chamoun
37 Mark Lennox
38 David Elms
39 Stephen Lewis
40 Cheryl Jones
41 Andrew Fedoruk
42 Sharon Waller
43 Nikki Paul
44 Pamela Williams
45 Debra Moll
46 Matthew Neal
47 Dave Kelly
48 Matthew Clapham
49 Cheryle Bland
50 Revi Fayola Sitompul
51 Ben Alderson
52 Preston Lee