Where is everyone?

Looking for those interested in the Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Day!!! We also have the Kauri Half Marathon and the Cairns Marathon, so lots of options. Please share the event with your friends and get them to join you.
Here is our current list of competitors. I’m getting a bit worried. Don’t know why registrations are so slow this year. Such a great event, one you really want to get to…
Proposed bib # Name
1 Larry Lawson
2 Lorraine Lawson
3 David Elms (tbc)
4 Jason Ferris
5 Peter Watson
6 Bernie Norris
7 Pamela Williams
8 Mark Dowel
9 Rob Martin
10 Om Beacom-Halliday
11 Phil Copp
12 Simon Thompson
13 Helen McAllister
14 Sharon Waller
15 Nadia Mead
16 Rhonda Zeylmans
17 Chrissy Warman
18 Nikki Paul
19 Andrew Morris
20 Nina Haaland Kristoffersen
21 Philip Stokes
22 Jason Rawlings
23 Pauline Overington
24 Adam Mikic
25 Jayne Bawden
26 Matt Callaghan
27 Mathew Frost
Cairns Marathon
4201 Malcolm Gray
4202 Mel Tuieau
4203 Tegahn Maitland
4204 Timothy Jack
4205 Megan Ponder
4206 Sandra Worle
Kauri Half
2101 Marianne Hutchinson
2102 Loksee Leung
2103 Jodi McGurgan

Will I get lost?

Will I get lost?
A bit of a ramble below, you can just look at the picture, if you prefer. Ha, ha.
For the Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days, there is always a change you can get lost. HOWEVER, the course is marked at all intersections. Some sections have no signage, but that is because there is nowhere to go wrong, you just stay on the path you are on!
For those who do get lost, the most common response is that they will be reading the course description and studying the maps provided before they do another trail race.
The problem we have is that the locals think they are doing us a favour by removing the signs and returning it to us. And we go – ‘But the race has not taken place yet!’ To prevent this, we have a notice at each intersection informing other track users of the date of the event. We also delay setting up the course signage until about 4 days prior to the race.
You will receive a map each day, and if you get to an intersection without signage, you will have to get your map out and look where you are, or wait for another competitor to come along. We had a runner go off course on Day 1 a couple of years ago, and lucky for her she got mobile reception (a miracle really!) and phoned us. She could give use her location as she was at an intersection and they are all numbered. It was not on her map, as she was actually on the Day 2 course! SES went out and got her and all worked out okay.
It’s worth your time reading over the descriptions for each day and keeping track of the distances you cover between intersections so you can pin point where you are.
There is no ‘navigation’ required as such, you are told exactly where to go each day. The first day in the Barron Gorge National Park section can be the most confusing as there are signs directing you to Speewah Campground (runners have gone wrong here and took the ’emergency exit option!’), but you have to follow the course – which still takes you to Speewah Campground, but the long (hard!) way. There is a close up map to help the runners with that section.
If you are in Cairns, a good way to get some confidence in the event is to join us for our FREE training trail runs over the course leading up to the event. Details on our website under ‘Trail Running‘.

BLITZ race fees will only last one week!


The Registration Blitz for the Tailwind Nutrition 3M3D will officially open online at https://regonline.activeglobal.com/3M3D2017 on Monday, 14 November 2016 at 7.00am, and last through to 6.59am on 21 November 2016. The time-zone is AEST or GMT+10, Brisbane Time. The first 10 people to register for each race will receive a 30% discount off the entry fee, while all other competitors registering through to the end of the Blitz will receive a 20% discount. If you miss out, you can access the early bird offer until 9.00pm on 3 April 2017.

Current Dynamic Running club members, remember to use the discount code DRmember. Ignore the Blitz as all race fees for club members are cheaper than even the Blitz fees!

blitz-fees race-fees

A few updates…

Thanks to Studio Pilates, FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics, Deep Grey and Cairns Zoom & Wildfire Dome for providing prizes for our competitors.

studio-pilates-logo high res FNQ PODIATRY + ORTHOTICTS LOGOlogoCairns zoom and wildlife dome

Thanks to Cairns Colonial Club Resort that is helping out with transporting runners back to the resort on Sunday after the race. And for those who are booked in for the Pasta Party, you’ll have the chance to win a dinner at the Homestead Restaurant!

Cairns Colonial Club Resort

Remember that we have the pasta party on Thursday and the after party on Sunday. Great social events and we’ll see you there!Pasta Party update2016 3M3D after party

AURA ultra runners

A reminder that AURA members get access to the Early Bird entry fee until 9.00pm, 27 June. Use the discount code AURA when you register. You must provide your AURA membership number on the registration form.

Volunteers needed

Hi All, we need to put together the roster for the 3 Marathons in 3 Days, You can help by completing this form to let us know how and when you can support the event. Competitors and their families can also help out.

All jobs are straight forward and require no training.