Website update for 2019

We currently in the process of updating the website with the details for next year’s event. Make sure you are on our email list to get the latest updates. Registrations open in a few weeks, so be ready to get in with a BLITZ entry with the cheapest entry fee possible for the 2019 races.

Next year’s event

The date for the 2019 Tailwind Nutrition 3 Marathons in 3 Days is on 12-14 July. Our website will be updated with the information on that event at a later date. At this stage, the information on our website is for the 2018 event, that took place on 13-15 July.

16km Lake Morris Race open for entries

This year we decided to include a shorter option on the Sunday, with competitors joining the other runners from Copperlode Dam to Goomboora Park on Lake Morris Road.

Unfortunately, in March, we had some major flooding in Cairns, resulting in the closure of Lake Morris Road. Cairns Regional Council withdrew our application to access the road for our event.

It took some time, but the road was finally opened again, and after another two weeks of emails back and forth, we finally received our Letter of No Objection from CRC last week.

We now also have our police permit, and the traffic control company is booked. So entries into the Lake Morris Race is now open, for anyone keen to come along for a road race on 15 July.

Our website and competitor information pack will be updated with the details of the race, but in short, transport is included in the race fee and the race will start at approximately 9.30am. There is a 5km climb out of the dam, but then it is mostly downhill to Goomboora Park, so be forewarned that you need to do some concerted downhill running and leg strength work at the gym before you turn up, or your quad and knees are going to take a bit of a hammering.

Register here!