Where is the race? 

3M3D Grand Slam

Marathon 1 starts in Kuranda, 30 minutes inland from Cairns CBD. It finishes at Crystal Cascades in Redlynch Valley, 20 minutes’ drive from Cairns city centre.

Marathon 2 starts and finishes at Copperlode Dam.

Marathon 3 starts at the first creek crossing on Clohesy River Road and finishes in Goomboora Park Redlynch Valley, Cairns – about 15 minutes from Cairns CBD.

Cairns Marathon

The Cairns Marathon starts at the same location, and is run over the same course as Marathon 3 of the Grand Slam event.

Fig Tree Half Marathon or 10km

The Fig Tree Half Marathon or 10km is a new race added to the weekend. It is out and back from Coppelode Dam to the Fig Tree on Clohesy River Road.

Lake Morris Road Race

The Lake Morris Road Race is on road only (the other race are mostly on trail). It starts at Copperlode Dam and finishes at Goomboora Park.

Condition of entry: You must be at least 18 years old on race day to compete in the Grand Slam or any of the marathons. You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the Fig Tree Half Marathon. You must be 14 years or older to run in the 16km Lake Morris Race.

You must have the correct mandatory gear, including compression bandages, a hydration pack/means to carry water & nutrition to sustain you for the duration of your event.

To compete in the Grand Slam event, you also need to be an experienced trail runner and you must be sufficiently skilled and have trained to undertake the event. The course is demanding with steep ascents and descents and remote sections that can result in slower first aid / rescue response times. You must be in good health to compete in this event. To register for the Grand Slam event you must be a returning competitor or be able to run a sub-5 hour road marathon. You can also use trail races as qualifiers, please record the details on the entry form. Your performance in Marathons 1 and 2 will be used to allocate your bib number and start time on Sunday.

What training do I need? It is recommended that you follow a training program for at least 16 weeks to prepare for the event. Focus on back to back long runs that build up to about 32km each over two consecutive days. Hill training is a must, especially training to run hard down hills, as there are numerous steep ascents and descents each day.

What is the terrain like? There are steep ascents and descents each day. There is some road running and also sections that are on single tracks. One section on Marathon 1 (Snake Gully) is heavily deteriorated. Marathon 2 is mostly on dirt roads, however, the Viviers Track is heavily deteriorated in places. Marathon 3 is half on dirt road and half on bitumen/sealed roads. You will cross various shallow rocky creeks each day. You will also cross causeways, which may be slippery or muddy. And no, there are no crocodiles in this area.

Where can I stay? We recommend you stay at Mihaven Student Living, Gatton Street, Parramatta Park, Cairns. This is where the bus departs from each day. Alternatively you can arrange your own accommodation at Kuranda, Speewah or in Cairns. Speewah and Kuranda are about 20 minutes’ drive from Clohesy River Rd, Koah and Cairns is about 45 minutes away.

Can I camp? The closest camping facilities are at Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park, Speewah Country Tavern, Kuranda or Davies Creek Campground.

How can I get to the start? A bus leaves from and returns to MiHaven Gatton Street each day. Lake Morris Road Race competitors will be picked up at Goomboora Park on the Sunday. If you have a spectator/supporter who needs to catch the bus, there is an additional fee. Please contact us on .  There are no other bus pick up locations.

Can I have a support crew? This is tricky – especially if you don’t know the region. There are sections each day where there is no vehicle access or through roads. Read the document: ‘Support Crew Information’.

Are there toilets along the way? Toilet facilities are only available at the start/finish each day; at Speewah Campground on Marathon 1 and at Copperlode Dam on Marathon 3. If you need to go to the toilet out in the bush, do so far away from any water courses.

Is there a cut off time? No, but race officials can and will withdraw competitors from the course, as required.

What do I need to look out for? The Weather – early mornings on the Tablelands can be cool at this time of the year, however it soon warms up to about 24-26°C for the rest of the day. It can be very hot and humid – even in winter. Watch out for snakes, wild pigs, cassowaries, Golden Orb spiders, ticks and leeches, stinging trees, Wait-A-While (Lawyer Vine), loose gravel, slippery rocks and slippery boardwalks. Read the document: ‘Running Safely on Trails in the FNQ’.