Training Programs

The 3 Marathons in 3 Days is such a unique event, you will probably struggle to find an appropriate training program. Our best advice is that you train as if for a marathon, but include a second long run on the weekend, so you are doing back-to-back long runs to train the body on how to deal with recovery/nutrition over a couple of days of stress. There are PLENTY of hills, so don’t neglect your hill training, or you will be sorry. The event is mostly on trails, so train on trails when you can.

Here are three programs, and you are welcome to try/adapt to your training needs. If you would like to support Dynamic Running, you can make a donation. Bank Details: Dynamic Running Ltd. BSB 704640 Account number: 41537224. To donate via PayPal use the email . Please add ‘Donation’ as a reference.

Please Note:

  • We focus on high mileage in our training, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest low mileage is just as effective! Basically, you HAVE TO do your longest long runs, the rest is up to you. We just like running, and we do it all the time, hence the high mileage.
  • The program includes local events held in Cairns, leading up to the race, you will need to look for other events in your region to replace those, if you don’t live in Tropical North Queensland.
  • There are no advanced training programs on offer! If you are at that level, you will, no doubt, be able to device your own training program.

All the programs are 26 weeks in length – January to July 2018.

3M3D training programs (excel file)

Lorraine’s Squad Training Guide – $10.00

This is a 65-page book (in PDF format) to help novice runners find their feet. There is specific information for the half marathoner, marathoner and ultra-marathoner.

Chapters in the Squad Training Guide

What are you training for?

If you prefer to pay by bank deposit, the details are:BSB: 704-640
Account Number: 950989
Please add your name as a reference.You will need to email us () so we know you’ve made the payment via bank deposit and what program you want.